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Stay Independent, Increase Your Distribution Channels and Sales

We are an online marketplace focused on Black Authors and Black Artist . Our retail site is and we offer lovers of black literature and black art a range spanning the entire spectrum of the Black Universe.

We offer authors and artist another distribution channel relationship that places them firmly in the driver's seat. Our offering differs from other distribution channels like Amazon and Barnes and Nobles because our authors and artist control their selling and are paid between 75% and 88% of the asking price each time our customers purchase their book. We also offer our sellers a commission if someone makes ANY purchase using their link!


Our Features


You control the selling price, the shipping price, all related policy including what countries your work will be available.


We regularly promote our sellers through ads and organic methods to increase visibility and sales.


Reach us when you need us not when it's convenient for us.

Free Alerts

Receive email alerts when someone purchases your item.

Low Cost Yearly Fee

We offer options as low as $20 per year

Earn Extra Income

We offer an opportunity for sellers to earn a commission when someone makes a purchase of items other than there own.

Talk with Protentional Customers

Access your portal and related tools from your phone..

Step By Step Training

We are prepared to help you get up and selling right away.


Plans for all levels

We know everyone is starting their journey from different places. Whether you’re a seasoned author with a wide range of published material or just starting out with your first book, we have a platform to help increase your revenue.

Please choose the plan that matches your selling goals.

Basic Package Plan

Our Basic Package offers a $20 yearly subscription, 1-3 products upload and 20% commission to blackreader.

  • 1-3 books
  • 20% commission
  • $20 per year


Order Summary
Basic Package Plan

Standard Package Plan

Our Standard Package offers a $40 yearly subscription, 4-10 products upload with 20% commission to

  • 4-10 books
  • 20% commission
  • $40 per year


Order Summary
Standard Package Plan

Premium Package Plan

Our Premium Package offers a $60 yearly subscription, 11-20 products upload with 20% commission to Black Reader.

  • 11-20 books
  • 20% commission
  • $60 per year


Order Summary
Premium Package Plan

Customized Package

if you don't see a package that matches up with your selling goals please contact us so we can discuss how we may work together.

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We've got A's for your Q's

How does the 20% commission work?

We take 20% commission of the gross sales price per item. If you are selling your book for $20.00 we would get $4.00 commission.The taxes and shipping costs are not included in our commission.

Who are Black Reader's customers?

We market our products to black readers in the US and abroad. We believe that black readers are leaders and the world needs more of them.

Is Black Reader a Black Business?

Black Reader is 100% owned by black shareholders.

How did I make money from sharing the website?

As part of your yearly subscription you receive an affiliate link. The affiliate link pays you 7% of the sales of anyone making a purchase within 6 months of them using your link.  

Am I making money off of other Authors?

Yes! If an author signs up with us using your link you get 3% of the sales when that author promotes his/her book using. You get 7% of all sales through your link on top of the revenue from your book.

How often do authors receive payment for book sales?

Twice per month, usually the 1st of the month and the 15th.